What can save a marriage?

what can save a marriage

Episode ten was a very sensitive topic, ‘ WHAT CAN SAVE A MARRIAGE?’

what can save a marriage

Does saving marriage have to do with our unmet needs, priority or level of communication?”. AY opened the floor for other speakers to pour out their minds on the sensitive topic.

“I believe that lack of communication has been what still breaks our marriages and relationship these days. That is why it is advisable for partners to marry their best friends. This is so that they can always have an in depth conversation about how they want to understand each other more. Couples should also learn to understand that times have changed. In the past, people didn’t have a good knowledge about our mental state of mind but now, we care so much about our mental state of mind that we have no other option than to leave that partner that most times make us loose our state of mind. Though some partners endure bad marriages because they don’t want their children to be psychologically affected by broken homes”. Hannah expressed her point of view.

“I have actually been in loads of relationships and I have grown to understand that the way to solve most relationship problems is managing each other. If you can learn how to manage each other, this could be a solution to our problem” A male speaker seconded Hannah.
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“The man should learn to understand that before he came to my life, there was a life I was living so we are coming together to manage two people coming from different backgrounds and different mentality”. Darasimi expressed her view.

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