Should You Trust The Banks or Investments Platforms?

Should you trust the banks or investments platforms?

Making Passive Incomes: Should you trust the banks or Investments platforms

Should you trust the banks or investments platforms?  This is a big question that have always been on our minds and gist with the Africanadians didn’t fail to bring Seyi and her husband to resolve this question on our minds.
Should you make investment directly with Cryptocurrency and other similar apps?
“There is something called direct investment and you can research more about it and if online investment like Crypto currency is not working for you, you can invest in your bank and pay commissions to them which is just a few dollars”.
“You should also understand what worked for others and what is likely to work for you so that you will understand the right investments that you make that will positively affect you”.

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“You should understand your benefits from any investment that you intend to make. For instance, you intend to invest ten thousand naira, the question should be ,how much will I gain from this ten thousand naira investment?”

“Pending on the types of investments that we have today, investment is not guaranteed”.

“So be wise when investing in any platforms, ensure you make your research and have a definite background of the platform”.




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