Africanad launches a new YouTube show


AFRICANAD, which is a formation of Africans/Caribbeans living in Canada, created the first episode of their new YOU-TUBE show, ‘GIST WITH THE AFRICANADANS,’

Male and female speakers came together to discuss different issues, hot gist, and topics that cut across the various aspects of life, among other things that face africanadians. This week africanadians discussed an important topic that is gender-related, titled ‘Should men do the dishes?”.


The male and female speakers of the program gave their opinions on what they felt about a husband washing his dishes after he finishes eating his food.

“A woman must wash the dishes irrespective of if she was the one that ate the food or not, and it is also the culture of Africans for the woman to do everything relating to the kitchen because the kitchen is her office.” The male speakers addressed the issue from their point of view.

“As long as the man ate the food himself, he is supposed to wash the plates, and there should be no gender insubordination when considering washing plates.” The female speakers tackled the male opinion.

The morality of the gist is that there shouldn’t be any disparity or gender biases when it comes to who does home chores. Men should support their wives, and wives should also support husbands because they remain as one.


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