Baby mama Saga!!!

baba mama saga

Just hearing Baby mama Saga would make we the viewers quite confused about what episode nine is all about until AY mentioned that what they meant by this topic they chose ‘Baby Saga’ in the direct sense, ‘If your baby mama or partner’s baby mama ask him to buy her a car, what do you think of it?”.


baby mama
Baby mama saga

Hannah was the first speaker to express her view on this topic. “Talking about if my partner’s baby mama wants him to buy a car for her, I am fine with it as long as it doesn’t affect the project I and my partner are developing together”.

“There is no big deal in buying a car for my baby mama as long as there are cheap cars in the market. As long as she needs that car to transport my child and make life easier for him or her, there is no big deal. Of course I will have a joint account with my wife but I will also have a personal account where I will get the little change that I will use in getting my baby mama a cheap car so that there won’t be any form of misunderstanding between me and my wife”. A male speaker poured out his view.

Africanadians gisters discussion on baby mama saga

“I can only make the effort of buying her a car if I have enough money to do that”. Joe seconded.
“I don’t care about literally adopting my husband’s baby mama’s child and there won’t be any discussion of transporting the child whatsoever. If I was a baby mama, I won’t even be put in the position of asking a man for a car when I can work hard and get a car for myself afterall I put myself in the position of baby mama so I should be ready for the workload of taking care of myself and my child”. Darasimi wrapped up her view.

If you take someone on a date and they are ordering more than your budget, what will you do?”.