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AfriCanad is a global brand based in Canada to celebrate people of African and Caribbean descent.

The AfriCanad initiative started in Winnipeg, in the spring of 2019 with Ayodele Odeyemi’s passion for identifying, celebrating and projecting achievers in Africa, the Caribbean and Canada. The initiative, which started as an annual festival, gradually grew into positioning its members as leaders in their respective industries and business environments – finance, information technology, law, health/medicine, manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, and many more.

Today, AfriCanad has grown into a movement that purposefully implements several events to develop and celebrate Africans and Caribbean in Canada and globally. Annually, we have festivals that feature several cultures across Canada, business conferences with participants across the world, sports competitions, food fairs, fashion exhibitions, and several other events that celebrate achievers in all fields and diversity and unifies the community.

We encourage and illuminate the peculiarity of Africans, Caribbean and Canadians. We embrace and celebrate all cultures, lifestyles, languages, businesses, investments, fashion, music, art, religion, food and other social norms and values.

While our generation must practice and grow the AfriCanad environment positively, it is equally our desire to pass a more celebrated heritage and environment of health, business, style and life progressively to coming generations.

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The AFRICANAD Carnival is open to everybody and celebrates the ethno-diversity of Canada.

Our Vision
We illuminate diverse cultures, values and heritage while celebrating every dimension of achievement in business, entertainment, sports, fashion, immigration, law, and other events that feature in Africa, The Caribbean and Canada.
AfriCanad Carnival
Our annual parade features musical performances from Afro-Caribbean and Canadian artists, dancers and other displays of global heritage. We showcase musical performances, cultural dances, traditional costumes, e.t.c., with the hope of increasing public awareness of the richness and diversity of every participant.
Our Mission
AfriCanad engages and celebrates Africans, Caribbean and Canadians in several aspects of businesses and community involvement to develop and foster growth and relationships among members in Africa, the Caribbean and Canada.
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The AfriCanad African Business Summit will take place at the Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown.

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Our Team
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Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!