Why Do Married Young Ladies Loose their Single Best Friends?


Random Gist with 3 Musketeers: Why Do Married Young Ladies Loose their Single Best Friends?…

Maya , Ella and Daniel get to talk about their opinion about having single friends when you are married

“I am a married woman and despite that, all my friends are single.

“Will you allow your husband have a best male friend even when married to you?” AY who was behind the set all through the gist asked.

“Naturally I will be jealous when my husband have close female friends so I also don’t keep close male friends. The only male friend I have is a family friend”. Dami expresses.

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“He is free to talk to my friends but let it always be a group discussion”. Ella suggested.

“There was this story of a man whose wife set him up with her friend and eventually he fell for the trap. What is your take on your husband cheating?”. AY threw another question.

“First of all, I can’t leave my husband because he cheated”. Dami points.

“I will eventually forgive my husband if he cheats on me like once or twice if it was clearly a mistake”. Ella shares her opinion.

“I will definitely forgive my husband but the trust level I once had for him will not be on the same level.

Maya seem to be angry at any form of cheating and compromises from her partner. She further says, “Your partner should be able to understand boundaries. Even my female friends understand boundaries. I understand boundaries down to the chicken I eat”.
From the beautiful convo of the three musketeers, we were able to discover that Maya is already married to Deji…Full gist for another day🤭




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