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Let’s talk about Crypto currency.

Anytime it concerns talking about financial growth, aside all other gisters, O’Neill and Seyi his partner are always here to give us the tip of the ice berg of what grooming money is all about.
“I once opened some online investments that failed me but some online investments like Bitcoin, I can’t say that it has really failed me, it is just that sometimes we can’t predict when we will encounter a heavy fall of coin that might even discourage us in continuing that investment”. Adesuwa explained.
“I have opened some investment that failed and some have not failed till now”. Another speaker explained.

Crypto currency

“The thing is that, we should not just open one online investment and invest all our life savings in it. We should learn how to open more than one online investments and invest bits into each of them constantly. Not just about online investments, if we invest in things like other real estate investments, we can never find ourselves at losses”. Seyi explained.
“What if we fall into situations like we don’t come from a financially stable background that would have supported us to be consistent in all these investments?”. A speaker asked.
“You don’t have to make all these investments at once. You can just continue in bits until you grow”. Seyi answered.
“Why are we stuck with learning about Pythagoras theorem in schools and we are not taught how to arrange budgets and manage money? When we come out of school, we start learning how to make money?”Adesuwa complained.

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“That is also why it is advisable to finish school early so that we can accomplish all our earnings and in our fifties we get time to rest and enjoy our money”. Seyi explained.

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