Does body count m@tter$???

Philemon had tried to open the floor with their usual motto but flopped and it got all the gisters laughing including AY that even sat on the floor, laughing hard.
Well to cut the long story short, Philemon resaid the motto correctly and the floor was opened for a more interesting topic this time…
“Can you have sex on the first date and does body count matter to you if you then decide to take the relationship to the level of marriage?”. AY asked and rolled the remote control on the centre table.
It rolled to Deji so he was the first to respond to the question.

Body count
Africanad gisters

“Well as for me, I don’t see sex on the first date as a big deal especially when it is a mutual understanding between me and my partner. And as for body count, i don’t care about the past of my partner or how many she has slept with in the past”. Deji explained.
“As for me, I can’t have sex on a first date. It is against my pride as a woman, especially how a society sees it. First date is for getting to know each other and i don’t expect my partner to think about sex on the first date for whatsoever reason. As for body count, i don’t care about it. Though I know that most men always care about body count when it comes to the ladies”. Zakazulu explained.
“Well I will never have sex on the first date no matter what and as for body count, I don’t care about how many women my partner has slept with. It is his past”. Myra explained.
“I don’t do the sex stuff to begin with”. Philemon said.

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“Does this mean that you are a virgin?”. AY asked him.
“Yes, I am actually a virgin”. Philemon replied.
The gisters expressed shock over Philemon’s response.
“So Philemon, will you make it mandatory to marry a virgin like yourself when choosing a partner?”. AY asked.
“I don’t care about the body count of my partner. Those men she had slept with in the past are not business. What is my business is her present self”. Philemon responded.


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