Africanad releases **Hidden Emotions** the short movie

hidden emotions


Running time: 27mins25secs

An Emotional story of Love, Pain, Betrayal, Survival, and Unending Life Adaptation is culminating in Mental Health.

The opening scene unveils a woman in her mid-40s, who appears to be the main character in the movie, a narrator and a victim of a broken hope of forever happy after that resulted to mental health challenges.

Angela (who happens to be the narrator and the lead cast) is engaged and married to Dave, her fiancΓ©. After the elaborate wedding ceremony in Nigeria, she traveled to Canada to begin her life with her newly wedded husband.

Days went by until the cat was let out of the bag – Dave was in a secret relationship with another woman out of wedlock, seeing the pictures of his entangled and complicated lifestyle; Angela was shocked and destabilized as Dave could not provide answers to her questioned countenance.

Frustrated and enraged, Dave throws her out of the house barely two months later. Despite all pleas, he vows not to see her around anymore. Shamed and depressed, she sleeps around the streets and bus stops with no one to help.

This continued until a fateful day – she was about to drown in a river, not until a couple driving in a car spotted her from afar. They offered to help, and she moved in with them.

Some weeks later, she consulted a counselor who, in turn, advises her about the healing process, which will take some time but will be very helpful to her if she observes her medications and therapy sessions.

After a series of anti-depressant medications and talking therapies placed on her, she got back to her feet once more and lived her life again.

Watch the Hidden emotion and see the journey and travails of a young woman and how accepting medical assistance helped her healing process.
π‡πˆπƒπƒπ„π π„πŒπŽπ“πˆπŽπ – Your illness is not your Identity!!
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“One small crack does not mean that you are broken. It means that you were put to the test, and you didn’t fall apart.” β€” Linda Poindexter.

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