Mental health: your illness is not your identity

mental health

Illnesses result from the common triggers in our daily activities, which are harmful to our well-being and our body systems (which include the brain, body systems, and internal organs. It can be caused by many factors, including malnutrition, drug abuse, lack of rest, and poor hygiene.

However, it is rather unfortunate that several illnesses have been tagged to the victim’s identity (including Malaria and typhoid).

If these illnesses are trivialized, then mental sickness can not be overlapped.

Mental illnesses include nerve imbalance, hallucination, bipolar, emotional imbalance, amongst others. They are all generated from the brain due to overdue stress, and at times, victims are born with these diseases. They cause harm or pain to their loved ones, and most of the time, they maim or murder their prey.

The causes of mental illnesses are numerous – Lack of nutrition may be outlined, drug abuse, loneliness, depression, to mention but a few.

Research shows that more than half of the world’s population goes through mental challenges. More than half a million recover annually due to predictive ad corrective measures being adopted to heal the victims.

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That is to say that an illness is only but temporary – How well and far it’s been treated goes a long way in the life of the victims. People with these mental illnesses are mostly faced with stigma, trauma, and emancipation due to rejection, which degrades their self-esteem and confidence. Other effects include the inability to work well with others, slow performance, withdrawal from friends and family, and loss of interest in games and recreation.

What are the possible solutions to this disorder? The first step to liberating the victim is to draw them closer and spread the wings of love, care, and affection. Being in sickness is never the end of the world. Proper counseling sessions and therapy will go a very long way in healing the victim’s mind and soul.

This will also enable them to spill out their minds and hidden issues and help them communicate effectively.

Continuous and conscious efforts to halt the flow of mental and emotional illnesses are the beginning of a peaceful universe.

Your mental health is always important. So, always ensure you engage yourself  with things that brings a stable mental health.