It’s a lockdown, not a shutdown, get creative and grow


It’s a lockdown, not a shutdown, get creative and grow your business and self.

2020 is indeed a year we all will remember, the year that came with a shock that every living and non-living thing felt. The pandemic that struck in 2020 has not been seen in over a century, and this led to a lockdown, and international borders closed in some countries. So many businesses took a reverse motion, some were on a standstill, and yea, some blossomed even more than they projected.

It has become evident that we won’t be back to “our usual business pattern” anytime soon. Companies have to accept that the current state of things might be the new normal; they need to start working on a fresh approach to their strategies and fetch enough honey in the new normal.


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The Lockdown avails humans be you a business owner, or not the opportunity to fetch creative ideas out of ourselves or from the digital board room. Some business and persons shut down their system and settle to follow the covid19 and lockdown news. Some are constantly engaging themselves in creative thinking, restrategizing, and planning to survive this new normal.

The Lockdown isn’t shut down; it’s not an avenue to go lie down in fear of the virus. It’s a time for us to search deep down inside our brain for the idea that can help us join the lockdown honey milkers (those making it big despite the Lockdown).

How can I make the best use of the Lockdown?
1. Invest in yourself. Lockdown avails you the time to meditate. So quiet your mind and spend time brooding over your life and what you have on your plate. Also, take virtual classes that can help you grow, business-wise and in your personal life.

2. The Lockdown also avails time to build a more robust network, some people have gotten so busy that the only time they get to spend with their family is Sundays, and this same Sunday, they spend a more significant part in the church. Now that we work from home, it’s time to create more robust and healthy bonds with our family and ourselves.

3. Invest in your business: The COVID-19 pandemic cast an alarming shadow over the economy and altered the way we live, work, and play. Sales seem to follow a new path, and we need to develop a better way for business sales to be increased for business coordination and Management.

Lets this be registered in us that despite the Lockdown, we tend to fly and do better provided we don’t see this Lockdown as an opportunity to shutdown

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