Immigrating to Canada

There are different routes to immigrate to Canada, four of the most popular are the Federal Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee Program, The Student pathway, and the Work Permit. I will be taking each of these, one after the other. First, let’s take a look at the Federal Skilled Worker route under the Express Entry (EE) Stream.
In order to be successful in any path you choose to take, it requires 4Ps Planning, Preparation, Patience, and Perseverance, and of course God on your side. The EE route is as fast as 6 months hence all your required documents need to be in place if you want to migrate through the route.
Express Entry is an online system that is used to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers.  It is a pool of people who have different marks, ranked according to how much marks they obtain from a combination of information they have entered when creating a profile including the documents they have indicated they have and their age. With this route, you can stay anywhere in Canada.

The key documents you need to jump-start this process, along with your international passport are:

1. IELTS General Test result (British Council or other designated agents (MOD/IDP)
This is a test of your English Language or TEF for French Language. It is advisable for both spouses to write the test if you are married because this gives additional points to the other spouse (that is not the principal applicant), which can make a huge difference to being picked from the pool.

The minimum score set by IRCC is –  Listening 6, Writing 6, Reading 6 & Speaking 6, but for anyone to be picked form the pool, you need to have a minimum of
Listening – L8
Writing    – W7
Reading – R7
Speaking – S7

One is free to have a higher score but ensure you do no get below this score if you wish to be picked from the pool.
If you are bilingual, able to write the TEF French language assessment, it is advisable to do both language assessments as this will give additional points to you. This is one of the websites to help you practice for the test.

How to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry Program ...

2. Credential Assessment
It is pertinent to do an assessment of all your academic credentials, but if that is not possible, the highest is good enough. However, you get additional points on each of the credentials assessed. The link below, shows a list of designated Credential Assessment organizations available
Be sure to use the particular organization meant to assess for your profession as this might lead to additional cost of doing accreditation when you need to qualify in your field here in Canada. So as a doctor, search for the designated accreditation organization meant to do an assessment of credentials for doctors

The following conditions are a must to immigrate through this path
–       Age between 18-35
–     Minimum of Master’s degree
–    4-6years work experience
–    Single (best chances)
–    Married with a very outstanding IELTS Score, minimum of (L8, W7, R7 & S7). The goal is to have a minimum score of 460 CRS Points. To learn more about the CRS points,

1. Check if you are eligible for this route, if not then maybe the other routes might be a better option for you.
2. Check the immigrate to Canada( website to see all the required documents listed to complete the application. You should check this website regularly because it is constantly being updated.
It is good to get some of these documents ahead so that it will not be a delay.
3. Once you have all the steps from 1-3 done, you can go ahead and create a profile in the EE pool.
Next, I will be writing about the provincial Nominee program route of immigrating to Canada.

Adelola Abioye.