“E’too stands by Ronaldinho amidst trials” Spirit of true African.

When Ronaldino was arrested alongside his  brother Roberto Assis over fake Passport issue in Paraguay and detained at Agrupacion Especializida Maximum security prison for 32 days  , only two players visited him ; that is Samuel E’too and Paraguay International Nelson Cuevas.
Later, E’too would call every evening to know how he was faring and gave him hope that things would be okay. Not even his mom, wife  or siblings would do that.
 After pleading guilty to the charges, the two were fined £ 200, 000 plus legal charges totalling to £ 27, 000.
When He informed Etoo, Etoo responded ” Don’t worry bro, I will take care of everything ” and he wired the money so that Ronaldino could be released.
Of all prominent friends Ronaldino made at the peak of his career, only that African that was once called a ” monkey” by racist Spanish and Italian fans was there for him .
Ideally, the big friends that we make today might not be there for us tomorrow, but there will always be one that will be more than a family to us. Friendship is tested by ability to stand by each other at the hour of need.
Let’s Support One Another even while in Distress.
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