Nigerian-born Canadian, Kaycee Madu, appointed as the justice minister and solicitor general of Alberta

Kaycee Madu, a Nigerian Born Canadian  migrated to Canada in 2005 alongside his wife.  Kelechi Madu was born and raised in Southeastern Nigeria, he attended  University of Lagos graduating with a Bachelor of Laws, and was called to the bar in Nigeria.

Kelechi Madu was an active member of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, organizing delegate selection meetings, and later supporting the merger of the party with the Wildrose Party in 2017. Madu would volunteer and support Jason Kenney during the 2017 PC leadership election and the 2017 United Conservative Party leadership election following the merger.

Kelechi Madu was however rewarded for his selflessness and activities towards Jason kenney election bid and he made an history by becoming the first Nigeria to occupy a seat in the executive council of Alberta.

On 30 April 2019, Madu was appointed to the Executive Council of Alberta as the Minister of Municipal Affairs,  and held that role until August 25, 2020 when he was appointed Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

Africanad further gathered that Kaycee  “Kelechi” was honoured as the lieutenant general of Alberta through an order in council on the 4th of march 2020. It is our prayer that may he continue to succeed in all his endeavour.

He is a proud African-canadian.

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