Fake it till you make it. Yes or No?’.


The AFRICANADIANS wrapped up another exciting episode of ‘GIST WITH THE AFRICANADIANS.’

The question thrown for this episode five version was ‘FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. YES OR NO?’.

After the topic was well illustrated, speakers pointed out their views, ‘Should you wait till you are hundred percent financially capable before you wear expensive things?’.

The first speaker made us understand that you don’t have to go beyond your means because you want to impress people.

You have to wait till you make it and never fake who you are.

Other speakers tackled the speaker, further explaining, “People’s mindset about your standard in today’s society is determined by the expenses you make in what you wear.

If you wear things that are not expensive, people will look down on you and think of you as below standard. You need to measure up and maintain a high standard by wearing things that will not make people look down on you”.

One of the speakers shared a story of how two people had gone out for an interview; one made extra expenses beyond her means to buy expensive wears to attend the interview. Still, the other made no effort to improve her wear and just dressed casually.


Well, the one that made more expenses to impress the interviewers was the one that was chosen.

Both points were explained further in their attractive benefits, and we were made to understand that things are meant to be in moderation in both ways.

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